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3 years...

And we have another beautifully grotesque episode of Salad Fingers. I waited so long. And it worth! The graphic are better, more creepier. Just perfect. I really can't write review about this. Its 10/10 5/5. No meter what.

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I love this series

Its a high quality game with only QTE controlls. Something that only acceptable in flash games and it is done really well! I laughed a lot on fails, and the endings are worth the effort too play it again and again.

The medals are smart too, the pop cultural references are great and all of them made my day (especially CSI reference, I play GTA4 now days and laughed the same joke in one of the radio commercials ;) ) Its awesome. I can't wait to see more!

PuffballsUnited responds:

This was a good review!

larry :P

This game simply fun. I like how hard to survive and how the fortress builds up and life getting easier.

The graphics and controls are just perfect, I didn't find any error in them.
Interesting fact that Robinson just looks like Larry and its dog is similar too :D I know this isn't a coincidence :) After this I go and watch Larry episode :D

The gameplay is challenging, I think its a good idea to have an order in getting materials from sources like trees and animals. My only problem that at first its a little too easy to die. But I got used to it :)

Overall this is a really good game, I think it has a chance to become 1st of the day. I wish it is!


As always the graphics are great. I especially like how balanced the game is. It is a good idea to have walls that has real importance on the lower levels. After some upgrades we leave the walls fast.

The music is awesome and I like the sounds too. My only problem on this side there are sounds missing. The machine gun sound from Toss the turtle is something I wanted to hear here too. And I miss some sound for the lightening and star power too.

I like that there is a lot of kind of enemy I even seen a super saiyan too... that was a surprise. Stuff like this makes me play more... god I already have the 3 hours medal :D

Thanks for the great game! I can't wait the next one!

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